[ Leau Claire ] 第 1 DIY Biotin 300 UG-RMA 禮品組合

[ Leau Claire ] 第 1 DIY Biotin 300 UG-RMA 禮品組合, Korean, 食品 , Leau Claire, B300G, 含有高濃縮液 biotin, 1 平板電腦 / 天、水, 糧蛋白質合成及預防毛髮 baldness, 維他命 B 7 ( biotin ) 300 UG-RMA 每錠含有, 會議韓國的健康機能食品需求, koreanmall

[Leau Claire]
糧蛋白質合成及預防毛髮 baldness

  • 含有高濃縮液 biotin
  • 1 平板電腦 / 天、水
  • 糧蛋白質合成及預防毛髮 baldness
  • 維他命 B 7 ( biotin ) 300 UG-RMA 每錠含有
  • 會議韓國的健康機能食品需求


    Product InstructionsCompany:Yonje Co., Ltd.
    Address:#401, 398 Gajeong-ro, Seo-gu, Incheon
    Product Name LEAU CLAIRE LOHAS No.1 DIY Vitamin Biotin Gift set
    Product Type Health functional food
    Content 200mg 90tab*3
    Country of Origin Korea
    Shelf Life 36 months
    Name of
    Raw Materials
     VITAMIN B7 300ug
     One tablet/day, with water
    Functional ingredients
    (per dose)
     BIOTIN 300ug
    Packaging formPackaging materialsNo of tabletsWeight (Kg)Bar code number
    SingleInside: bottle10.028806109705633
    Mfg. processRaw materials→extraction→filtering→mixing→tablet compression→weighing→filling→packaging→
    self-inpsection of quality→end product
    ① Functions     
    Contributing to protein synthesis & prevention of hair baldness
    ② Features     
     ① Containing high concentrate biotin
      One capsule satisfies daily dose.
     ③ Meeting Korea's health functional food requirements
    ③ Recommended for 
     ① Those who are suffering from severe hair baldness   
     ② Those whose nails and toenails tend to easily break   
     ③ Those wanting to keep a nutritional balance through taking protein   

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    [ Leau Claire ] 第 1 DIY Biotin 300 UG-RMA 禮品組合


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